In 1973, the Greenwood Boys and Girls Club opened at the Fair Grounds and our first member was Trey Burgess.  HB Stewart was our first volunteer who began running the sports programs in 1973. He and his wife would sell concession out of the back of his truck to purchase the supplies needed. Later, we qualified and became a 501c3 in 1977. This was the same year we changed our name to South Sebastian County Youth Organization. A little over 10 years later we became a proud United Way Member in 1986. Soon after, in 1990, we moved to our current location.

After becoming a member of the Boys and Girls Club of America in 2000, we changed our name to South Sebastian County Boys and Girls Club. Our first director was Al Davidson. HB Stewart, Senator Rainwater, Dr. Burgess, Bill Walters, Pete Butler and Art Floyd were some of our first board members.